Just got back from a good workout: poweryoga! I’ve been doing it for a couple of months now and it’s still very challenging to even get the basic poses right. Today we focused on breathing again, administering yourself an overdose of oxygen sounds easier than it is. Though once you get that more or less right it feels good, very good. And it should even help you stretch more, though I’m still having trouble touching my toes with my legs stretched, especially in the sitting positions. But it’s very rewarding to be able to touch at least one of them in a certain pose 🙂 (even though the aim is to fold your hand around your feet and bend your elbows, but we’re taking it one step at a time here). Apart from the challenges it’s just very relaxing. It’s a bit like surfing: you can’t think of anything else while you’re doing it.

Btw, advice on how to perform yoga poses for people with long legs is always welcome 😉


I thought it would take me another week, but I managed to put together a script that computes tf.idf scores in perl. OK, Steve helped me, but it wasn’t easy! And our solution with a two-dimensional hash is quite elegant. Now I only need to tweak it to perform a proper tokenisation step beforehand and only print terms above a certain tf.idf threshold, but the worst bit is over 🙂

I really need to hack more often!


Relaxed Sunday

Yesterday I had a rather quiet day, apart from going to the new James Bond film at 18:15 with Steve and Veronique I didn’t really have any plans. So I got up around 13:00, made an orange/peach smoothie and some bread. Then I decided to go shopping for a bit because I still needed to get some presents for our Sinterklaas celebration at home. I was amazed   by two things: 1) the enormous number of people in town and 2) how expensive certain tiny things can be (I can’t tell you what here because that would reveal for whom it is). I also bought a picture frame for my `23′ poster, so when I got home I framed the poster, now I still need to decide where to put it and drill a hole for it.

Then I picked up my guitar and seriously started playing again, which I hadn’t done for ages, and I was happily surprised that within about 15 minutes I learnt to play two new songs (admitted, they weren’t that difficult, but still). I also noticed that it’s better to play in the afternoon then just before you go to bed after a long day at work….

Around 17:40 I went into town to my favourite cinema (Trianon) for the new James Bond. It’s good. It’ s really good. Especially Veronique and I had a great time looking at Bond. But the rest of the film is cool too 🙂 After 2.5 hours in the cinema we were very thirsty so we opened up the bottle of Bailey’s that’s been sitting in my fridge for about a year, waiting to be opened at the right time. This was the right time, it was an excellent way to end excellent week 🙂

Ladies’ day

Today my young and cool aunt celebrated her birthday in a very special way. At her house we had an afternoon of clothing advice (yay talking about clothes!!! It’s almost as good as buying clothes :)) Anyway, we weren’t as hopeless as you see in `What not to wear’ but it’s nice to find out why a certain skirt does not work. The good thing about being me is that with my figure I can wear almost anything….almost, just not the skirt I bought some time ago. And my gorgeous 20’s dress violates the first rule: if you have a waist, show it off. But I spent 4 evenings sewing all the beads back on after I wore it only once so I will violate that rule from time to time (I still need to put on some beads btw grr). And the only other thing is my shoes, my army boots to be more precise. I know wearing them underneath skirts isn’t the best idea, but they’re comfy, and they’re just me. I love looking at tiny elegant heels but they’re uncomfortable and they’re just not me. But perhaps I’ll get over that someday. Just not today.

After the `gezellige’ afternoon we went to Den Bosch for dinner. My aunt had made a reservation at a tapas restaurant, but something went wrong so they had booked us in for Sunday evening instead of Saturday, but they also had another restaurant and we could go there and have tapas (which they actually brought in from the tapas restaurant). And actually that place was much better. It’s called `Bon Coeur‘ and it’s only been open for about three months, and it’s great. It’s not too expensive, nice atmosphere, and most of the staff are students of the music academy, who, between serving food, sing. Sing very well. The relaxed atmosphere also resulted in a lot of girls talk, some of which I maybe had rather not heard ;). We also came to the conclusion that I’ve only dated ugly guys. But that I’m choosing better guys now (we also concluded that after L. it couldn’t get any worse; he’s allowed to wear a gun and shoot if he comes across someone uglier than him, the chances of which being infinitesimally small, but I guess everyone makes mistakes, I just make lots).

But it was a good evening. Mum and I also gathered a lot of useful information to put in the family newspaper about my aunt and uncle 🙂

Thanks everyone for the great day!

Mmmm weekend

Yesterday Steve and I started our weekend in an excellent way. First we went to a nice Eritrean restaurant for food (eating with our hands). And then to the English pub for some whisky 🙂 We spent as much money on whisky as on food, but had a great time. I started off with a Tobermory, but I got the last of the bottle there, so for my next one I had to go for something else, which was a Laphroaigh. Then we decided not to drink all our salary so we called it a day, also because today I had to get up early to go shopping in Den Bosch for my Sinterklaas presents, and then to my aunt’s birthday.