Work: Week 51

This week has been a bit of a shattered week due to travelling around and a Christmas Reception and a big Department meeting. I still I got some interesting things done. I will leave WEKA running over the hols, see what comes out of it, but at least I’ve already got some results to present at CLIN on the 12th. So what I did this week:

  • I started putting together slides for CLIN
  • I started writing a final report on the clustering thing
  • I read most of our Master’s student’s thesis and scribbled comments on it
  • figured out some more peculiarities about using WEKA from the command line, such as how to make it rank features, come up with a good feature set
  • I then of course tested these feature selections

Still to do:

analyse clusters

read up on phd stuff

progress report

sort out literature

Christmas Trees!

I had almost forgotten to tell what I did on Sunday, before watching “As it is in Heaven”.

Decorating Christmas Trees!

Well, I’ve mainly kept myself busy with untangling light strings and listening to my uncle telling us (mum, dad, aunt, grandparents) what to do to/with my grandparents’ tree :). But it worked, and they’ve got a very nice tree now. In the evening we also set up the tree at my parents’ house, this year we have a very pretty tree that’s not too big. Mum put lots of lights in it, only silver decorations and now we (though mainly she) is working on putting on fake snow (not spray or flakes, but cotton wool like stuff that takes ages to put on the branches, but looks fantastic). Tonight we’re going to make some more Christmas decorations 🙂


Effectively it takes 23 minutes to travel from Etten-Leur to Tilburg West. This morning it took me one hour and 15 minutes, more than three times as long!!! At 08:55 I got to Etten-Leur station, plenty of time to catch the 09:00 train, which was delayed for 25 minutes. Due to this delay I missed my train in Breda, for which I would have had to wait for about 20 minutes anyway. I thought I missed it anyway, but I didn’t, because it got cancelled due to its “too big delay”. So at 09:55 I could get on the train to Tilburg, which took another 5 minutes longer to get there…Great idea that new timetable!

As it is in heaven

I just saw the best film I’ve ever seen. It’s a Swedish film called SÃ¥ som i himmelen, or As it is in Heaven, and it just grabs you. It’s really, really touching. It’s a film that makes you smile and cry. It’s about a world famous conductor who has one dream: reaching people’s hearts through music. He moves back to his old village and starts leading the church choir. Trust me, this is a must-see!

So get your arse to the video rental and get that film!

Requiem for my boots…

My boots have a big cracks in their soles…I noticed yesterday that my feet were getting wet. I love my boots. It’s a good thing I found out in the city, instead of on a hilltop in the middle of nowhere. But still…


Oh btw. Does anyone know where to find decent boots around Leiden or Breda? Decent as in leather, waterproof, black, steel toecaps?

Saturday in Leiden

Yesterday my parents came to visit me in Leiden. So I got to show them around my beautiful town again. We shopped a little (I bought some gorgeous new shoes, and some Christmas pressies). Then we went to the National Museum of Antiquities. We had been there 15 years ago, so I remembered it was in Leiden and that there was a complete Ancient Egyptian Temple inside and some mummies, but that was it. It was nice to go there again, and the temple was still there! 🙂

Then we went to the English pub for another bit of culture. Mum and dad both smoked a little cigar, while I enjoyed a nice whisky. Then there was some more shopping, and admiring the gorgeous Christmas lights on the market, as it was already getting dark. We had actually wanted to go to Naturalis as well, because there are a few new exhibitions. But mum and dad promised to visit again soon 🙂

Friday night blues?

So I just got back from a little stroll through Leiden. I’m not that tired yet and I still had some paper that needed to go to one of the recycling points so I decided to go out for a walk. Since I’m not in Leiden on Friday evenings I decided to  check out the nightlife. Which turns out to be rather non-existent, at least tonight and at least this side of town. Friday night, midnight, pubs nearly empty! Strange. So within half an hour I was back home again. Ah well…maybe I’ll explore Leiden nightlife next year 🙂

Lucia y el sexo

I just watched a rather explicit (even more explicit than Dutch films), Spanish arthouse film. Despite the interesting characters and the story I was very, very pleasantly surprised that I recognised “la isla” that plays an important role in the film. It’s Formentera!!! I saw the harbour, The Blue Bar, Playa Illetas, Cap de Barbaria and San Ferran 🙂

Work: Week 50

I thought it would be nice to put an update here every week of what I’ve been up to at work. Not too interesting for you probably (and perhaps also a lot of gibberish), but for me it’ s a good way to keep track of stuff.

  • I finished my cluster features script (incorporating the tf.idf thing wasn’t too easy, and there were some minor things to look at)
  • I ran some experiments (just below 50% accuracy for clustering, not too good, but up to 98% when using a decision tree, so the information is in there!!! Now I just need to figure out how to get it out of there in an unsupervised way)
  • Prepared and gave a presentation for the Recorder Software `Klankbordgroep’- meeting. The Natural History Museum is going to use one standard program for their databases (instead of different versions of MS Access, Excel etc. per research group).
  • Wrote another script to get rid of instances of expeditions that are too small, perhaps that might improve matters. Because our database does not contain records of all specimens, some expeditions in there only contain 1 or 2 items, which are not that interesting for our experiment, and perhaps even make it more difficult for the algorithm to figure out which things belong together.
  • Sorted out some more or less administrative things: sent some people from the zoological museum in Amsterdam some info about our project and sorted out some Combiwerk stuff