Cultural Lunch

Most of the time the MITCH team already has lunch in a museum. This time Steve and I decided to check out another museum during lunch: The Siebold House, located next to the English pub in Leiden (though we didn’t go there today). Anyway, the museum is dedicated to Japanese art and artifacts. We only had time for the temporary exhibition though:

We spent about an hour admiring 100 great prints by one of the last masters of Ukiyo-e, or woodblock printing in Japan. The exhibition is still on until next Sunday, if you have a chance, go there. Otherwise we also still have a very nice photo exhibition at Naturalis :).

OC Therapy

I just watched an OC episode. It’s way past my bedtime, but it’s sort of therapeutic in a weird way. It’s like driving my beetle. But my beetle is gone, and this is the last season of The OC. All good things come to an end?


Serendipity was just on TV. It’s a lovely silly film (bottomline: True love will find you in the end), particularly suited for a lonely night with a big bucket of ice-cream and a mega chocolate bar. I think I OD’d on the chocolate.

If only people like the Jonathan Trager character existed in the real world…


Phew, it’s Friday night now and I’m absolutely knackered. Yesterday I worked in Tilburg because in the evening I went to a fado concert with my uncles. I was pleasantly surprised by the Tilburg concert hall, it’s very modern, but not in a too annoying way, and there was a nice scent coming from the air-conditioning in the back of every chair. It was a shame there were these awful know-it-all, posh bastards sitting behind us, loudly commenting on just about everything after every song. But the concert was really nice, not too traditional, as there was also a piano, but Christina Branco’s voice is really suitable for the passionate fado. After the concert we enjoyed some Portuguese tapas, and then it was off to the train again to go to Etten-Leur, where I arrived around 23:45.

Today I worked in Tilburg again, where it was still rather quiet, so I did some reading and I talked to my supervisor and we decided that I’ll be working in Tilburg twice a week instead of once, to make interaction with my research group easier. I meant to arrive at my parents around 18:40 to go visit my granddad who got home today from the hospital. But as my train was delayed I arrived in Etten-Leur at 19:00, where I found out that the bike I borrowed from my parents in the morning was stolen. GRRR!

Now I’m going to sleep 🙂

Tiring but exciting Wednesday

Today was a good day. It started of with me turning upside down my apartment in search of my bike-keys, which I, as I found out later, had left on my bike. But luckily my beloved tiger bike was still there 🙂

I did some very neat programming today. The code looks awful (as usual) but it does what it’s supposed to do. Tomorrow I just need to figure out how many features I want to work with, because something tells me that 3000 features won’t speed up the machine learning experiments I want to perform.

In the evening Steve came by for laundry and food. So I cooked, he played guitar, I went to my dance class (rocked), while he did the dishes, then I came back and we (mostly he) played some more guitar and I sang. Until the downstairs neighbour started banging on his ceiling/my floor 🙂

The young ones

I just got back from drinking tea at Arthur’s. Last time we saw each other was before Christmas, so we had some catching up to do. After a while we were joined by Wieger, Judith and Bas. It turned out that we all love Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson, the guys from “The Young Ones”, and tonight their film “Guest House Paradiso” was on tv, followed by an episode of “Bottom” 🙂

Double Yay!

  1. My granddad is OK, they’re still not exactly sure whathe was suffering from, but it’s nothing serious. It’s a great relief.
  2. Veronique is switching to Mac.Welcome to the club!


Merpel time is reading Stephen King in a tidy apartment (not hoovered, because I still can’t be arsed to hoover, I so hate hoovering) mainly lit by scented candles, a lava lamp and Christmas light-string while eating biscuit & caramel ice-cream. It’s then watching Grey’s Anatomy (Season 3, Episode 3, dating seems fun, cute guys bringing you cake and ice-cream), afterwards quickly doing the dishes that have been soaking for about an hour in scalding water. The day is finished off by playing ‘Fake‘ by The Frames on my lovely blueberry-coloured guitar while singing along loud enough for all the neighbours to hear as well.

Merp is Back

And she’s still dead smart and fucking gorgeous. And she’s hacking again. I was busy changing my tf.idf script (making it work on some less sparse features and radically reformatting the output) and I didn’t want to stop. But Naturalis closed so I had to go home. I meant to continue from home,but for some odd reason I can’t log in anymore. Steve will figure out what’s wrong 😉

So now I’m off for the night. Grey’s anatomy is on in an hour or so and I still have a lot of books to read 🙂