Life is good…

I have had some rosés this evening after my dance class and I’m in a quite happy mood, it’s a shame I’m so tired. So bed soon. But so far this week has been quite nice. On Monday evening I watched James Bond with my youngest brother. He likes the action scenes, I like Daniel Craig’s thighs, so we both had a good night 🙂

Just now I had a few drinks with some girls from my dance class, both the class and the drinks were excellent. Although at some point an elderly guy who hasn’t quite realised he’s past his college years and who I’d come across at some other bar a couple of weeks ago came to sit next to us. But thankfully this time he wasn’t as loud.Anyway, I realised I’m a really lucky girl: I have some good friends and some nice mates to hang out with, I get to do lots of cool stuff at work, I have some nice trips scheduled and I live in a really cool town (the accent of the locals is horrible, other than that, Leiden is great!) oh and I’m now the proud owner of a Philips vacuum cleaner (so mum, next time you’ll visit it’ll be clean here)

Two more things…

(just some random things)

  • Yesterday I saw a guy on the train in a gorgeous suit. He looked like he had walked straight off the set of `The Practice’. Everything was just perfect! Now I only wonder what he was doing on a Dutch train…
  • This morning when I went out to put my laundry in the washing machine (in the shed in the garden) it was raining blossom petals. It felt very Final Fantasy-esque.
    (no pictures as I didn’t have my camera on me and I was on my way out to Naturalis and I couldn’t be arsed to climb the three flights of stairs to get it. This evening when I got home the wind had gone down so the blossom rain had stopped. But it was a good start of the day)

And now for something completely different..

Yesterday our usual jazzdance teacher couldn’t make it so someone else took over the lesson. It’s always nice to have another teacher every now and then to do some things different, and wow, this was something different. Ken, all the way from LA (though not just for the occasion :P), started the lesson with a lot of balance exercises first. A lot more than we usually do, which was quite heavy on my calves, but a fun challenge to see how long they’d last. Then some plies, tendus and sit-ups and finally some dancing. Turns out the only `musical’ like thing Ken had with him was `Big Spender’…well, you can imagine where that went…:)

After our class Judith, Giza, Viviane and I went to the English pub for some well-deserved drinks. And when I got home I watched the last bit of `28 days later’, which I had started watching on the train from Tilburg to Leiden. Excellent film! And especially Cillian Murphy provides a pleasant sight throughout the film. If he’d offered me a drink in the English pub, instead of the middle-aged Scottish bloke (with whom I had a nice chat, I must add) I’d have definitely said yes..

Today’s yoga class was most interesting too, as we did yoga exercises in pairs. This means you can push or pull someone a bit further into a position, getting maximum stretch, sometimes with the added benefit of a bit of a massage 🙂 It’s a shame there weren’t too many people…I’m all relaxed now, and looking forward to a good night’s sleep.


This afternoon I made a little mistake in accidentally throwing away my WordPress contents folder which contained my theme and all photos on this blog. I was able to restore most of the photos from my local computer and I’m still working on either revamping the theme again or using a completely new theme altogether. Ah well, keeps you busy.


In Denmark there’s an organisation that thinks it’s rubbish to get up early. They say everyone gets up early is because farmers used to get up early, but for the 95% non-farmers these days there’ s no need to. They’re even supported by the Danish Minister of Family Affairs.

I like them 🙂

Busy week, quiet weekend

The end of last week was rather busy. On Wednesday night we had the ILK goodbye dinner for Bertjan and Caroline. We had a lovely meal at the Indonesian restaurant in Tilburg, comfortable enough for me to accidentally hit a plate of noodles that a waitress was just bringing…Other than that the dinner was not very eventful, the egg with sambal didn’t turn out to be hot enough to present people burning their mouths or anything 😉 After the dinner we went to the Irish pub in Tilburg for some Baileys, unfortunately Steve and I had to leave early to catch the last train to Leiden, so I would prefer the next ILK dinner to take place in Leiden so I can stay until the end.

Getting up on Thursday hurt because the night before I didn’t get home until 0200, but after I dragged myself into Naturalis I enjoyed a quiet day there as Steve and Caroline were both off. Straight out of Naturalis I went to my singing lesson, not happy that I hadn’t quite gottenthe song I wanted to learn down yet, but it turned out not to be entirely my own fault as the score was a bit off. After my lesson I treated myself to a little visit to the bookstore for a travel guide of Chicago 🙂 After a nice yoga session I joined Steve, Veronique, Laura and Heather to catch up as I hadn’t seen Heather for ages. We walked to Steve’s place through Leiden and had some Cadbury’s at his place, which was nice.

The surf forecast for Friday morning started off promisingly but the promised swell didn’t really kick in, but I enjoyed sitting on the beach and reading a book anyway. I also explored Katwijk a little bit. Around noon I went back to Leiden, into Naturalis, because that’s where I have a food stash and I wanted to print some papers to read over the weekend, while I was waiting for Steve, Heather and Laura who came to visit the museum. So after I had gotten quite some work done we toured the best bits of the museum again (Heather and Laura had a plane to catch). After that I returned to my place to pack some stuff and do the dishes to then travel to Etten-Leur to spend the Easter weekend with my family. As the title of this post already says it was a nice quiet weekend. I got to catch up on sleep, watched some films, read some books, went through some old photo albums and ate melted chocolate eggs 😉 (The Easter bunny in Zundert had put some eggs in direct sunlight…) I also had some interesting conversation with Mick and Brian on alternatives to pregnancy and Tiffany’s sterling silver pill boxes 😛
Today I worked in Tilburg, where Sander and I designed a CompLing bingo card during the coffee break, inspired by today’s PhD Comic. Right now I’m back in Leiden, in an almost tidy apartment, eating some fresh coconut (which always tastes better after you managed to open it yourself).

Oh about an hour and a half ago when I came home from the supermarket I saw some ducklings!!!

Merpel is going to Chicago

Yesterday I sorted most of the stuff out for my second visit to the US. From June 2 until June 7 I will be in Urbana Champaign, Ill., for the Digital Humanities 2007 conference (yes awful website, I know). I expect to have seen all there is to see in Urbana Champaign by the 7th, so I’ll go to Chicago for a couple of days, since I’ll be pretty close anyway ;). I only found out after I had planned my trip that the Chicago Blues festival is on then, oh I so have the best job in the world!