Musical Forces

The past week happened to be very rich in musical events for me and all brought some insights. On Wednesday there was my singing lesson, and learning to sing is still full of surprises, as with any physical activity you’re learning (such as dancing and as tennis as I’m also finding out) you realise that you do not have that much control over your body as you thought you had, resulting in your body displaying unwanted and sometimes unnoticed behaviour (in dancing your hand not moving in sync with your feet, in tennis moving your wrist in a reflex and in singing starting to stress muscles around your voicebox). I’ve been singing for a while now (coming quite a long way from being absolutely chicken shit about people possibly hearing me to an addiction to Playstation SingStar at parties) but I still sometimes find myself accidentally stressing some muscles or forgetting to move the tip of my tongue to the front of my mouth…Still. I’m getting better at it, it’s just a very interesting learning process.

On Thursday Steve and I went to see Mogwai at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, a Scottisch instrumental band and on Saturday I went to a Latin fiesta concert for the celebration of the Day of the Dead, organised by Colores de Mexico. It’s refreshing to listen to different music styles and to soak up the different atmospheres at the different concerts. So, at Mogwai I felt a great distance between the audience and the band and people were kind of getting more introvert and less interactive as the melodies were woven into walls of sound of complex and seemingly endlessly repeated patterns. According to Steve one of the band members had said in an interview that their music was the perfect music to get high to, and although I can’t speak from experience, I can very much imagine so.

On Saturday night the music was (strongly) inviting people to dance, sing along, clap along, etc. Let’s say more “share the music” (and more music was shared until well after the concert as the musicians just didn’t want to stop making music, but maybe more on that some other time). I think I prefer the latter. Not saying that the Mogwai concert wasn’t good or anything, it was splendid (although next time I’ll bring earplugs as it was a bit too loud for my taste), but I think music is meant to bring people together, not isolate them. Anyway, all three events were interesting and most definitely worth it in their own way 🙂