CATCH Continues

In my previous post I forgot to mention that my professor got a grant for another CATCH project, so Tilburg will continue to contribute to the digitisation of cultural heritage data. Only through this project I found out that there is still so much interesting information around that is just not accessible and may disappear if nothing is done with it.

Also, perhaps even cooler, the CATCH+ project in which our project also features received a grant as well. This means that two software companies are going to take our experimental software that only we know how to run (mainly our stuff for automatic database cleaning) and turn it into a proper software package. I think that’s very cool, in particular because I think it’s important to do useful research and not just research for the sake of research, but within a research project there’s only so much software development one can do, even with the luxury of a programmer on board. So it’s nice to see your research results getting a follow-up.

Interesting Times in the Life of Merpel

Although my thesis hasn’t progressed much lately I’ve had many good reasons to not update my blog the past month, since a lot has happened:

  • I wrote two papers for two workshops (IWCS-8 and BioDivGrid-08)
  • I turned 26, so for the first time I threw a big party in my tiny apartment in Leiden
  • in preparation for my birthday I ordered my groceries off, very decadent, but necessary due to severe time-constraints
  • my parents gave me a Philips Wake-up Light for my birthday, so getting up is easier
  • I started reading Neal Stephenson’s Anathem
  • My sister performed with her dance group (and I watched in awe)
  • Paul and I spent a great week together around Leiden and Amsterdam
  • while Paul was here the heating in our house broke down
  • thankfully we could take a shower at the hotel in Amsterdam where two of his friends were staying
  • I visited the Anne Frank house
  • I saw Rembrandt’s Nightwatch (was actually a bit disappointed, I guess I’ve been spoilt by the Louvre and the Vatican museums?)
  • Paul and I quietly celebrated being together for a year (in different time zones again unfortunately)
  • I presented my work at BioDivGrid-08
  • I said goodbye to Arthur who’s moved to Skye
  • My sister Sara turned 17
  • I’ve watched many episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” (my latest little sin)
  • We celebrated Sinterklaas at my parents