Interesting Times

A lot has happened in the past two weeks. The most interesting thing: Paul’s and my move to Amsterdam (OK, officially we’ve moved, and we are kind of living here, but most of my stuff is still in Leiden). But anyway, we’re officially living together now 🙂

What’s happened in the past two weeks since our holiday. After a few days of adjusting to GMT+1, we set out on our househunt in Amsterdam. We checked out two places in Zeeburg and one in the city centre. All places were nice in a way, but the second one in Zeeburg really ticked all the boxes (spacious, outdoor space, cool design) so we decided to go for it. A week later we signed the lease and yesterday we moved some clothes in, registered with the city of Amsterdam and that’s why I’m sitting at my our kitchen table now listening to the marvellous sounds of the dishwasher doing its job, and working on my thesis and blog (not at the same time). We still need to move the rest of the stuff and tidy up a bit, but once that’s been done we’ll throw a housewarming 🙂

In the meantime I’ve also cleared out my office at Naturalis and handed in my badge and officially stopped working at Tilburg University (although on my first day of unemployment I went there, attended a meeting and met with my prof, so I haven’t really stopped working there).

Paul and I also visited the Efteling on Saturday, the last day it was open until midnight for this summer. The atmosphere was really great with bands playing everywhere and the gorgeous lights in the evening.  It was quite crowded (the weather was great although the forecast had predicted otherwise) but we still managed to do and see lots. It is really my favourite theme park.

Other than that life has been pretty relaxed. Hung out with Steve and Veronique and Judith (I need that delicious couscous recipe before you go to Skye again!), and traipsed around Leiden for a bit and now I’m going to get back to editing my masterpiece again!

A Holiday in Florida

Although the road trip wasn’t as exhausting as I thought it would be, it was really nice to stay in one place for 10 days, in particular because it was a very pretty place. Gulf Breeze and Pensacola are lovely beach towns near the Gulf of Mexico, which means gorgeous beaches and warm water 🙂 It was really a holiday to relax and to hang out with Paul’s parents. Some highlights:

– every meal (great cooking by Paul’s parents and by friends of theirs, lunches made out of the previous night’s delicious leftovers, cute restaurants and bushwackers)
– going to the beach
– jet-skiing
– shopping
– just sitting and reading a book
– meeting Paul’s friends
– private tennis lessons from Paul (outdoor tennis courts are free in Florida, we should have something like that in the Netherlands!)

It was really a shame we had to leave after 10 days, I could have easily spent another 10 days relaxing in the sun….but coming back to the Netherlands was good too, although I’m a bit jealous of my sister because she has a much better tan than I have, and that’s even before she was going to Spain!