Gold old fashioned black and white photos

Earlier this week I finally finished the film that was still in my mother’s  SLR since Paul and my road trip this summer. So I took it to get developed, scared because I hadn’t really used a proper camera in quite a while, and also because I generally just have no clue what I’m doing. I also had the films that I had already had developed put on CD, so now I have 83 black and white photos to sort out. Some need some work, especially the night photography from New Orleans, but still, I’m quite happy with the results. It also brings back good memories of California…



I’ve never complained about my life being boring, simply because I just have a very cool life. The past two weeks have again been full of exciting things. Such as getting to talk about my work during a presentation, in front of a camera for a little research video and in a phone interview for a research magazine. The weird thing about the talk at the colloquium was, was that it was in Tilburg and it’s honestly very weird to be back there while not working there anymore. I’m having a great time here in Amsterdam but I do miss the Tilburg campus. The VU campus needs more trees! Anyway, I’m also finding out more about the field I’m working in now, I’m starting to figure out which way to go for my project (I think, we have another project meeting tomorrow, so we’ll see if the rest of the project agrees ;)), I’m gathering data, working on a paper, preparing for another presentation etc..anyway so much about work though, as there is more to life, way more.

On the last day of October I went to the Efteling again. This time with my uncle. The Efteling always rocks! Afterwards we had dinner with Paul and my other uncle at Da Atillio in Breda. I slept the whole way on the train back to Amsterdam. The Sunday after I spent pretty much the whole day in bed again, not really ill, but definitely super-tired. Perhaps that’s because I’ve been  cycling to work a lot (check it out here), or maybe because I just hadn’t fully recovered yet from the bug that I had caught a week earlier…

Last Friday we got to see a bit more of Amsterdam life at a party that a co-worker threw to celebrate his new kitchen (from which fabulous food emerged the whole evening). On Saturday night, Steve and Veronique came over for dinner and afterwards we went to the Amsterdam Museumnacht. If you’re too lazy to click the link, it’s a special evening, once a year, during which 42 museums in Amsterdam are open until 02:00 and have special programmes.

We started at FOAM, the Amsterdam Photography Museum, which is one of my favourites. It’s located in a gorgeous old building, but has a mix of old and new elements in its interior. We had to queue to get in and inside it was filled with hip and trendy people and fun things to do (such as commenting on photos via post-its). After FOAM we set out to the Museum of Bags and Purses (mainly a venue for Veronique and me but the boys seemed to enjoy it too). On the way to the handbag exhibitions, we popped into Museum Geelvinck, simply because it was on the way. The cool thing about and event like the Museumnacht is that you go to places you would normally not go to. Museum Geelvinck (it’s built in 1687 and the rooms are decorated in styles from that era) is nice, albeit a bit small and I would have liked more explanatory texts with things, but that’s personal. What’s also cool about it is that it’s run by volunteers and they have concerts on Sundays, so I will probably go back for that sometime. The Museum of Bags and Purses was fun, again located in one of those gorgeous canal houses and there was a lot to see. They also had bags and purses for sale but those were rather pricey (besides the fact that I prefer rucksacks ;)).

When we left the bags and purses, it was just past 22:00, so we could go to the Amsterdam city archives, located in an old bank. The reason we wanted to go there after 22:00 is that at that time musicbloggers would start playing music to a flickr expo of photos of Amsterdam. Maybe we were there too early, but it hadn’t yet turned into the party I’d hoped it would be. Fortunately, there was plenty of other stuff to see. Downstairs in the building you walk through the enormous door that used to lock the safe to an exhibition area and a film room. In the film room, acoustic bands were playing and their concert was filmed and projected on a big screen at the same time.

After a while we got tired (and thirsty) so we decided to go for a pub-break. We ended up in a pub at the Rembrandt square, which is actually my least favourite square at night (full of police and chavs). But at least the sofas were comfy, the wine was decent and we got to observe some funny people. At around midnight, we arrived at the special collections of the University of Amsterdam that was exhibiting their collection of 16th century cookbooks. They also had the staff of restaurant fifteen cook recipes from them, although we didn’t see or eat anything of that because we ended up at a presentation on the influence of Jewish food on New York today. Afterwards, we were too tired to party and see more (Steve and Vero also had to catch a train to Leiden) so we decided to call it a day.

On Sunday, Paul and I enjoyed a quiet day around Zeeburg. We didn’t have to do anything, so we just wandered around a bit, had coffee at Sissy-Boy (yes, awkward name for a shop for native English speakers) while reading magazines, we checked out some of the other shops on KNSM-eiland (now I know of at least one shop that still sells Levi’s 501 cut for women! They also have great dresses, but a tad expensive). I even worked on my thesis for a couple of hours, and in the evening we watched a few episodes of Californication (incredibly funny).

And now it’s Monday night again, and time for sleep as tomorrow we’ll have another busy day with work and two friends of Paul’s from the US happen to be in the Netherlands so in the evening we’ll meet up with them.