Spring is on its way

Yes it’s still cold in Amsterdam, but not as cold as it was (more than 5 degrees above zero), it’s light when I wake up in the morning, it’s getting dark later, there’s even some sunshine (this morning started off sunny, then there was some fog, and then there was sun again)…the thing that really announces spring is in people’ s behaviour though. While I cycled home from work this evening there were more people running (which in winter you only see the die-hards do on the weekends, the majority of the people I’ve been seeing these days wasn’t wearing gloves), you can hear more birds (true, only if there’s no tram in sight) and I even caught some dinner sounds from open windows. Anyway, I like spring. It does mean that time is going way too fast. Yesterday I realised I’ve been living in Amsterdam (with Paul!) for 6 months already. People still snigger a bit sometimes if they hear me utter a very “Brabants” phrase, but I am starting to feel at home here.

A lot has happened in the time I neglected this blog. It looks like my thesis is finally starting to make its way to the committee, I bought a wedding dress, Paul and I got our marriage licence, my project is getting up to speed at work and we’ve booked a snowboarding holiday (well, I didn’t do too much, my brother Frank did, but anyway, we’re going, with him, his girlfriend and another friend).

Anyway, it’s 9pm now already, time for a cup of tea!