The Bachelorette Party!

There are also elements that belong to weddings that you won’t have to plan for yourself or worry about, such as the bachelorette party, because my three lovely bridesmaids (my sister Sara, sister-in-law Joyce and good friend Judith) took care of that. As Judith would travel from quite far, we couldn’t plan the ladies’ day too far in advance, but the Saturday before the wedding was enough time ahead to recover from potential damage and also short enough for Judith to be there. In the weeks leading up to the bachelorette party I received several cards (although one never arrived, stupid postal services sometimes) with instructions as to where to be and what to bring (sports gear, a poncho, wear a bikini, nice clothes). So at 10:00 on August 7, I was ready. When the ladies arrived I received my sash (thankfully no pink suit or otherwise embarrassing outfit), and had a cup of tea.

We would take the car to the first location, but I wasn’t allowed to know where it was, so I was blindfolded and put in the passenger seat.  After Joyce drove around in a few circles we arrived at….Frank and Joyce’s house! The house was all decorated with red heart shaped balloons and we had a brunch. Then we drove to Breda for the next item on the program (without the blindfold this time). We got there a bit early so we first sat on a terrace at the fancy shopping centre ‘t Sas. After I had a cup of monkey wedding tea (how appropriate) we called at club Kerkplein where we were to have a pole dancing workshop (this is where the recovery period of a week comes in because apparently you get quite bruised if you’re not used to it). Unfortunately, the manager had made a mistake in his calendar so there was no instructor. That was quite a bummer because I’ve always wanted to try out pole dancing (or to put it more elegantly, pole fitness, as it’s now marketed), but we are going to do that some other time. We then walked around Breda for a bit, asked the tourist agency if they had some other ideas for us but as we all know Breda quite well and done all the walks and tours, we ended up at a terrace drinking wine and eating pie (not a bad alternative if you ask me).

Around three-ish we made our way back to Etten-Leur, again to my brother’s and Joyce’s house, but this time the house was full of people: my mother, both my grandmothers, Diana, and my cousin Eefje were there. The next item on the day’s programme was “pimp your flip-flop”, so we all sat around the kitchen table and got to decorate flip-flops with beads and things whilst drinking tea and catching up.

After all the hard work we did on the flip flops, we were getting hungry, and thankfully, my amazing bridesmaids has also catered for that. Even though it was raining (afte all, it is the Netherlands) Joyce fired up their ubercool barbecue outside (under an umbrella) while we sat inside. Judith professionally uncorked a bottle of champagne (because what is a party without bubbles) and we enjoyed a great inventive barbecue. Unfortunately, there was no chocolate fondue for dessert, because I ate the chocolate fondue the day before (I had emailed the ladies that I still had some French fondue chocolate that was nearing its expiry date and whether that would come in handy at the bachelorette party, but since I hadn’t heard back from them I decided to use it for the dinner at my parents the day before, as it would have been a terrible shame to have let such great chocolate go to waste) but fortunately, fruit, whipped cream and ice-cream also make for fabulous desserts so we could still finish the dinner in style.

Unfortunately, my cousin had to leave before dinner, and my grandmother after, so they missed out on the SingStar fest. Joyce has an impressive collection of SingStar games, so we revisited some old-school rock songs, some 90s pop hits, and even some Dutch “meezingers”. For me, this would have been a perfect end to a great day out, but my bridesmaids had one more surprise for me…and you can guess what that was 😉