Horseback riding on the beach

I used to be a horse girl, well, not the most enthusiastic one (I didn’t really go to the riding school hours before my lesson to brush the horses), but I do really like horseback riding. I don’t ride regularly anymore, but every now and then dad and I go out and spend a few hours on horseback again (and a few more days in pain afterwards).

As my parents live in Brabant, there’s lots of woods around to ride in, but no beach, so we had never ridden on the beach, until April this year, when we went out to Dishoek for a beach ride. The funny thing is that every riding school is different; in some places they insist on having the staff saddle the horses, at this school they were worried that we just wanted someone to doublecheck what we did. Also, a whip was compulsory, and it had been ages since I carried one, so I didn’t use it either, but carried it around nonetheless.

We got to be at the end of the group, because dad’s horse (the son of my horse) didn’t quite get along with the other horses apparently. That’s reassuring. But all went fine, and after we got used to the horses a bit in the arena, we took them outside. We first rode through the woods at the foot of the dunes, and after about an hour or so we got to go over the dune onto the beach. We first took it easy, and rode a bit on the sand, and then through the water a little bit, and it’s really cool, the beach looks quite different from horseback. The last bit we got to gallop a little bit, which the horses absolutely loved. So did we, so perhaps there will be more equestrian beach adventures for us in the future…

Paul McCartney in Ahoy

On March 24, Paul McCartney performed in Ahoy, Rotterdam, and we (mum, Sara and I) had tickets! John is my favourite Beatle to be honest, but I must say that after this gig, I might even be called a Paul McCartney fan :). There are quite few artists who can keep their audience entertained for 3 hours, but Sir Paul McCartney is definitely one of them. Also pretty much without interruption; he didn’t even have a towel or water on stage to refresh between songs, whereas he was running and jumping around quite a bit. I want to be that fit when I’m 69!

To see the awesome setlist, check here: