It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s magical: the Amsterdam canals froze over.

I was a bit annoyed at first with the cold because we had meant to go to the south for Frank’s birthday, but as Dutch trains obviously can’t run when the lakes freeze over that didn’t happen. We first meant to go there on Friday, saw the mayhem at the train stations, then decided to try again on Saturday, got stuck in Utrecht and took a bus back that stopped at every tiny little town on the way, needless to say it took hours. The good thing was that it did drop us off near Bijlmer Arena, where there is a big Decathlon, so I decided to buy some ice skates. As it was getting dark already I didn’t try them on yet, we first went home to warm up with some hot chocolate and I got to try them on on Sunday in the Vondelpark. As it stayed cold, the next week the ice on the canals was finally thick enough to be safe (except under some bridges) and the whole town had a fabulous town seeing the city from another side.

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