After a 10 minute wait at Southampton airport Paul arrived in the main hall and we went to Southampton to stay with Martin and Laura who let us stay at their place for the weekend. Southampton, to be honest, is the ugliest town I’ve ever seen in Britain, but if you hang out with the right people it can be pretty cool. After some tea we went downtown to pick up Paul’s parents for dinner, me being the designated driver in the granny-van this week. It’s cool though, because I like driving and my grandmother’s Kangoo is quite comfortable (although it doesn’t like going uphill). Anyway, we had a cool evening at an Italian restaurant, but didn’t stay out too late because we had to get up early for the big ceremony the next day.

At quarter to 8 Paul and I (dressed up as a girl for the occasion) set out to the university to get tickets for the ceremony and to get his gown. Especially for the gown there was quite a queue. The ceremony itself was pretty impressive, the hall (although I didn’t go in there because there were only a limited number of seats and it was absolutely packed so I got to see it via a big video screen) looked a lot like a church. The ceremony itself was basically lots of people being called out and shaking hands with the chancellor, very different from Dutch graduations. Then, at 10:30 there was a champagne reception :).

The next days there was some more partying and going out (with Paul’s parents, and with his friends, all very cool people). The evening at the pub had a new experience for me: cocktails coming in pints… I didn’t get drunk, or even tipsy, basically because I have so much trouble with the volume, but they were tasty :). On Sunday we got to sleep in and had a relaxed day around town, it was even sunny.

On Monday the last leg of my road trip started with me dropping Paul off at the train station to go to London for a day, and then onto Dover to board the ferry for France again.

It was a good holiday, apart from it being a bit short 🙂